Three Lights is the story of three British soldiers, set in the trenches during the First World War, with you as

one of the characters. The story is scripted but there are a number of interactive elements where your

actions are integral to the narrative.


The inspiration for this piece, and our business as a whole, comes from wanting to bring history to life in a

form that excites people and can help them understand it in a very personal way, by placing them directly

in it.


This particular story and setting were chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly the 2018 anniversary of the

end of the war means there will be potential to install the experience in a number of institutions across

the UK and bring it to a larger audience. The piece also lends itself perfectly to creating immersion and

empathy, which we believe are key factors in making this technology sustainable in the museum sector.


Immersion will be achieved through certain, game like, mechanics (lighting matches for a lamp,

enabling you to play a game of cards and sending a Morse code message requesting medical help for your

injured brother) whilst our emotion comes both from the scripted characters, you causing the injury to

your brother and your ultimate redemption in saving him as well as recreating symptoms of shell shock

through audio memories of your time before you entered the war.


The whole piece aims to show many of the horrors of war but, at its heart, is a story of brotherhood. The

human emotion that is conveyed, through the narrative, helps in building empathy with the characters,

which we firmly believe augments the learning experience and therefore making it appropriate for a

museum audience.


For more information, to view the prototype or to see the full Experience Book please email us on the address below.


10 Bahram Court, 15 Mint St, London, E2 6FY

+44 7723 046 823

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