How can Virtual Reality work for Museums?


Immersive technology is a perfect learning tool for the museum sector. It can literally bring history, art and science to life.


We believe that introducing narrative to these experiences can enhance and expand its potential even further. By creating emotion and empathy it offers a deeper understanding to its users and in a way no other medium can.


VR can also be particularly effective for people who find traditional learning methods difficult and open up worlds to an audience that may previously have been excluded.




Our experiences are designed to be installation pieces within your museum but they can be adapted and edited to work on remote platforms, reaching previously untapped audiences and encouraging them to attend in person.

An innovative VR exhibition will help maintain current and repeat visitors whilst expanding each of your targeted groups.

Offers a chance to challenge visitors in a way they might not expect.

The next generation of virtual reality content will not only be experiential but also narrative driven.

VR can immerse and engage people using emotion and empathy in a way like no other medium.

Within the next 2-5 years VR will become ubiquitous across many industries and people will expect interactive and immersive experiences in both education and entertainment, much as mobile phones and tablets are seen today.


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